El Taco Fresco is a local, family owned company offering authentic Mexican food from family recipes featuring the flavors & variety of Oaxaca. We serve fresh, healthy whole foods & fruit drinks made from scratch daily in our kitchen & many of our products are locally sourced. Our mission is to delivery fresh, satisfying meals to our valued customers!

Chef Noe is a native of Oaxaca, Mexico and a long time restaurant professional. El Taco Fresco comes from Chef Noe's passion for delicious, fresh, whole foods & our Menu features his family recipes for favorites such as Aguas Frescas and Pollo con Mole, a celebrated flavor of the Oaxaca region.

Chef Agustin has cooked in famous Eugene area restaurants such as Ta Ra Rin & Sushi Domo and has a talent for applying his creativity to traditional ethnic foods with delicious results. If your Burrito is extra tasty today, you know Chef Agustin is in the (back of) house!

Chef Omar runs the front of house, serving up cold drinks & hot dishes. He's dedicated to El Taco Fresco's mission to serve fresh, delicious Mexican cuisine. Do you want your Tacos not spicy? Super spicy?! Chef Omar will be happy to accommodate customers' special requests.